Ancient Maltese figurine depicting dreaming and rite of incubation

  Diana Oxley

Spirals depicting life energy in Maltese temple artwork 3300 B.C.

Licensed Professional Counselor registered intern

I provide individual and couples counseling for adults and older adolescents. My aim is to help clients follow a meaningful life path and overcome obstacles to their growth which they may experience as a crisis at a key life stage -early adulthood, midlife, or later life. To that end, I encourage clients to pay close attention to what their dreams, bodies, and life events may be expressing. These are sources of inner self-knowledge that we often learn to ignore over the course of our lives. I offer a process to help clients reconnect with that knowledge along with documented strategies to cope with depression, anxiety and troublesome behaviors. I bring experience working with diverse ethnic and age groups, extensive knowledge of schools and workplaces, and skill at facilitating communication and conflict mediation. 

Therapy session fees are based on a sliding scale depending on the client’s financial situation.